About vgperson


Hi, I'm vgperson! (she/her) You may also call me vghime, Princess of the Vocaloid Kingdom.
The v is lowercase. And the g. And the... you get the idea.

I translate things, if you haven't noticed. I also do computery stuff and play video games.
Incidentally, vghime stands for Velella G. Himmel.


That's about it. Any other method of contact is playing a dangerous game (of probably never getting a reply).

Please don't send me requests for song translations. If I want to do a song, I'll come across it myself.
I also try to regularly look for games to translate. I've passed on a lot of candidates, so I generally won't accept requests for those either.
However, if you find a particularly good game which you think I've overlooked, you can try suggesting it.

Donate to the Royal Treasury (Not Really A Real Treasury)
(Ignore whatever name it may show; it is going to the right place.)

And last but not least: (Makai Kingdom OST voice) I Am A Boss!