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Ghost Stories
Grave Importance
See Through To It

The World of Hybrids
The Stuff of Legends
The Birth of Legends [Worldbuilding]
Ideal With It
A Little Harmony
Out of My League

The World Made From A Wish
The Final Front

Of Mana and Ether
Witch One?

Sisters of One Mind
An Open Book
Ever Mindful

Paths of a Fashion
Crossing Paths
Parallel Paths

Zzz... (Old, Iffy, Unsorted)
The World Was Made From A Wish
A Curious Kind of Tree

The Birth of Legends [Worldbuilding]

[This isn't actually its own story - it's backstory and other world details for the World of Hybrids series, because oh god I can never stop writing about this. Make sure you read the stories before reading each corresponding section.]

Part 1: After The Stuff of Legends (WARNING: The Hugest)

Part 2: After Ideal With It

Part 3: After A Little Harmony

Part 4: After Out of My League