Azure and Claude
(Series in Progress)

Based on Azure and Claude, AKA The Simple Job of Driving People to Suicide, a story by Fafoo (Sugaru Miaki).
(The Japanese title literally translates as "Blue Sky and Cloudy Sky.")
The manga adaptation is drawn by loundraw, based moreso on the rewritten version.

A person who has the power to control people's bodies uses it to make them commit suicide, and one day encounters a special target.
It's being posted online on

Chapter 1 Blue sky?
Chapter 2 Unusual Sunrise
Chapter 3 Things Imagined
Chapter 4 After a Chill
Chapter 5 An Odd Story
Chapter 6 Roleplay
Chapter 7 Since That Day
Chapter 8 As You're Liable To Do
Chapter 9 Until the End
Chapter 10 - Weather is changing
Chapter 11 Like A Child
Chapter 12 Lie
Chapter 13 Beyond Memento Mori
Chapter 14 Thoughts
Chapter 15 Remember
Chapter 16 Even Without a Reason

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